12mo Peach Bunny Head Tshirt

Did you know that only about 15% of our textile waste gets recycled? Here are 3 compelling reasons to make a family commitment to shopping pre-loved fashion first!

1. They’re eco-friendly! By continuing to wear an item for nine months, we can reduce the water footprint of our clothing by about 5-10%!

2. They’re cheaper! Plain and simple, pre-loved clothes are less expensive, regardless of their wear. Save money on school clothes and treat yourself to a zoo membership! (Or whatever else makes you smile!)

3. Reduce the demand for fast fashion! By purchasing handmade, vintage and preloved, you are voting with your dollar to reduce demand for slave and sweatshop labor around the world.


Cat & Jack

12mo Peach Bunny Head Tshirt - Wild Child
12mo Peach Bunny Head Tshirt - Wild Child

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