Wholesale Show Prep

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Wholesale Show Prep

Imposter syndrome is real y'all. I was about to launch into some BS about how I don't know what I'm doing, which is categorically false. One time, I was doing a bougie-ass wedding show, representing a brand with some credibility and literally none of my shit got delivered. 

My whole damn booth was in BFE, New Mexico. Show opened in like an hour and '45, so I hauled ass to the one gas station that I was pretty sure would sell the gear. They had it. They would not give me a bag or a box, so I walked $300-worth of loose glass soda bottles to my fuckin rental car, like, "Please God, don't let me break shit in this car. It has light carpet and Red 40 isn't fucking around!"
No problem. It was fine. Honestly, it was fine. And then I got wine drunk. It was awesome. 
So I'm over here getting prepped, getting ready, because I do know what I'm doing. UCU Wholesale is/was/continues to be a surprise. It's been a lot of "I can't do this," / "Yes, I totally can," back-and-forth BS. 
Wanna see where I'm at? 

First thing in my brain is the backdrop. Found whatever the thing on the right is on Pinterest. It's some sort of plastic streamer looped through chicken wire. I'm pretty sure I can make it happen with some plastic security fence and like $30 bucks worth of cheap plastic table clothes. I'm obviously thinking dollar store here. The frame makes me nervous. It needs to fit in the car, so a semi-disassembleable wood frame. Cool. Yeah. *wipes brow* Okay. 
The next neat-o detail I've got rattling around are 2D Frankenhoodies, ala Hello Kitty. Painted plywood. That's it folks. Painted plywood. How hard could it be? 

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