My First Adventure With Marmalead

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My First Adventure With Marmalead

It's time to get serious about Etsy. 

It's a massive platform that has made astounding strides since inception. I was there in the wee hours of Etsy. My anxiety shuttered me, and when I stopped going to classes (multi-season college dropout here!) I turned my time and nervous energy to making things. It really spiraled from there. I got better, Etsy got better. I got worse, Etsy got worse. Rinse, repeat.

I've done a few tours behind a desk, so I know just making things isn't going to cut it anymore. Overnight success of my periodic table onesies was a lightning strike. This time I'm going to have to put my back into it, if you know what I mean?

I'll be honest, I got a targeted ad for Marmalead. 

(*Sidenote, I'm getting way more interesting and useful ads marketing my own one man show than when I was marketing an international beverage product.)

First thing, check the comments. I love seeing glowing reviews from actual users. The product sounded reasonable - machine-learning assisted listing optimization - and the reviews were good. I also know that since I intend on making more of the same type product, I may or may not need to keep this app continually. For example, I plan to update all my listings with this service once every 6 months or so. If things look like they're slipping off the rails, maybe I will update early. Marmalead is paid monthly, so turning on and off shouldn't be a problem. 

Pro tip: It is possible to carry comments over from one sponsored post to another, so the comments may or may not be new. Comments can be carefully culled by the post originator to display only the most cheery comments. Be a careful observer and make informed decisions. 

 Marmalead was basically unusable on mobile, but that's fine. Desktop it is. 

At first glance, my shop is taking home some major Ls. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I guess that's the point of the app, right? Let's make some improvements. 

I started with the first listing, the lip balm kit. There are a number of things that go into your listing grade, and I decided to start with the most straight forward: tags.

Duh. Of course my listings don't have any tags. I ported them from Shopify to Etsy with the help of an app. No place to enter to edit tags. (To be frank, I have to edit the sales category of the item in Etsy after every import, so I won't bother recommending the app ATM.) Tags are a great place to start. 

There are a few ways to look up and aggregate possible tags using Marmalead. I won't go over them because they have a really comprehensive tutorial bank and I'm doing this for free. The brainstorm feature was neat, but lost functionality quickly. It wasn't as unlimited as you might want a brainstorm to be. Compare was a pretty great for finding active "Long Tail" tags, but the most useful thing I found was the list. Add a ton of tags, remove the ones who look useless. 

I have yet to create a really astounding list of tags, but a mediocre list of tags is better than none at all. 

Once I got the tags situated, I really thought my score was going to jump. By more than that. 

Marmalead really wants you to maximize the utility of your title, so I did that side-quest next.

My original title was awful. It said very little about what the product is. I noticed the item was performing well on Etsy advertising, but hadn't resulted in a sale yet, so I updated the title  few days ago to #2. Marmalead was still displeased. 

  1. Frankenlabs Lip Balm Kit 
  2. DIY Organic Lipbalm Kit Unflavored 10 Tubes
  3. DIY Lip Balm Kit Unflavored 10 Tubes - Organic Ingredients Everything Included

Marmalead wants to see one of your tags in the title, so #3 was born. 

I will take a B+. Moving along, I repeated the tagging process for my sweatshirts, bumping them up to a C+. I tried a bit harder with these, maybe?

So far, my experience with Marmalead has been positive and I'm excited to see if this $19 experiment will generate any sales. I would pass along a signup link, but they don't have one. Or I can't find it. 

I will update with relevant results and thoughts.  

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