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Just when you think you have it figured out, there's a pandemic, ya know? It's been a wild few weeks, that's for sure. 

In light of everything going on, I've decided to make some changes of my own. Innovate or die. 
First, I'm going to try blogging more often. Regardless of readership, I think it's a valuable outlet for me. I'll try to keep things succinct, I promise. 

Second, I'm...

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Imposter syndrome is real y'all. I was about to launch into some BS about how I don't know what I'm doing, which is categorically false. One time, I was doing a bougie-ass wedding show, representing a brand with some credibility and literally none of my shit got delivered. 

My whole damn booth was in BFE, New Mexico. Show opened in like an hour and '45, so I hauled ass to the one gas station that I...

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From day one I knew I wanted a sewing table in the shop. It would be so much fun to share my work with folks as they come through!
Found this little cutie on Craigslist and drove all the way to Puallup to get it. I'm not messing around, this was too perf. Really enjoyed the sweet retired guy I got it from. A+ attitude on that homie. He was really proud of how well maintained the wood was....

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Testing, experimenting and reviewing my experience using Maralead to grow my Etsy sales.

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